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Vinyl Signs & Decals Now!

We recently acquired a Vinyl Cutter from Craig's List and got it working courtesy of a Laptop that originally had Windows Vista on it. We wiped the drive, installed Linux Mint 18 on it, added Inkscape and InkCut and it's now a fully functioning sign cutting machine. We can make decals, signs, and stencils for etching glass and painting signs, all completely custom and to your specifications.

Typical projects include bumper stickers, car tattoos, inspirational sayings and symbols to be installed on windows, walls, and vehicles. Want a decal on your mirror with an inspirational message or saying? We can do that. Political bumper sticker? We can do that too!

We will be opening up a new store on Etsy and posting items on Craig's List and eBay too. More social media will follow, just keep watching this page for news and announcements. In the meantime, contact us via phone or eMail on our Contact Page.

At The Park

If you don't know what we mean by the Park, then this section isn't for you, but for those who reside IN the Park.

If you reside in the Park, come down to the Rec Hall on Tuesday nights with your computer problems, or to learn something new about computers! We even appreciate your sharing the things you've learned over the years or just in the past few weeks. It's all about sharing information and learning more about these computer thingy's that we all haven't a clue about. Come on down! Tuesday Nights at 7PM to 10PM. Bring yourselves and your computers! Power is available, as is Internet Connectivity. See you there!

Existing Customers

For existing eMail customers, we have just completed migrating to a new server and now have additional features that you can use to increase your eMail productivity. Some of the items include being able to set up a vacation message, several types of spam filtering, and a more robust Web Based eMail service.

Contact Bob today for details and more information!

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